(Approximately 60 to 90 Minutes per module)

The Yellow Belt Training and Certification will help the individual to develop:

  • An understanding of the Line of Sight alignment or their processes to the Business Measures and to their Customer’s Expectations.
  • The ability to clearly articulate the problem and its impact to the business.
  • Determine the Root Cause of the issues that exist in their processes.
  • The solutions that will eliminate the waste and defects to improve organizational performance.

• Reduce variation between products and processes
• Improve performance predictability
• Improve transactional time based deficiencies
• Achieve “hard” and “soft” cost savings

Any Yellow Belt contributes to the company by playing a supportive role in the larger Lean Six Sigma Process. These individuals understand the process, tools, and data necessary in the problem-solving process. Yellow Belt certified individuals also can have a key role in locating and helping control possible monetary loss through product/service defects and inefficient processes in any area of the company and then reporting this kind of information over to Green Belts and Black Belts residing in the company.

Yellow Belt classes covers:

  • The Basic Fundamentals of Lean and Six Sigma
  • Lean’s Seven Wastes – Identification and some elimination techniques
  • Lean 5S, Kanban – Workplace organization and implementation
  • Six Sigma Roles & Responsibilities
  • The Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) Methodology
  • The Problem Solving Strategy of Y=f(x)
  • 5 Whys
  • Basic Continuous Improvement & Six Sigma Tool Sets

• Supplier-Input-Process-Output-Customer (SIPOC)
• Process Mapping, Value Stream Mapping
• Critical to Quality Characteristics (CTQ’s)
• Pareto Analysis , Cause and Effect
• Cost of Poor Quality (COPQ)
• Basic Six Sigma Metrics

  • Introduction to Statistical Analysis
  • Introduction to Control Methods
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Yellow Belt Training - 4 Modules

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