Management and Leadership

Our First Management Training Division provides general topics designed around Human Resources, General Management, Operational Excellence, and regulatory issues facing all industries (e.g. OSHA regulatory issues).

    6 Core Competencies of a SalespersonA Manager's Guide On Legal ComplianceCreating A Successful Work Environment
    Develop Powerful Negotiation SkillsEffective Supply Chain AlignmentManagement 101: Success Strategies for Managers
    8 Organizational Characteristics Crucial to Employee EngagementBehavior-based Performance Reviews: Beyond the ScoreBudgeting and Forecasting "101"
    Building Leadership Skills 101Building Rapport: Leadership, Sales, and Customer ServiceBusiness Process Management 101
    Change Management: Adapting and Creating ValueManaging Your Hectic WorkdayCorrecting Problem Behavior In Employees
    Create A Positive Workplace By Minimizing Stress Create Professional Word Documents Effectively and EfficientlyCritical Thinking: Successful Problem-Solving & Decision Making
    Cycle Time Analysis: Cut Costs and Save TimeDealing With Annoying CoworkersDealing With Difficult People In Difficult Situations
    Design And Lead Dynamic Training SessionsEffective Employee Corrective Action Plans For ManagersEffective Performance Evaluations For Managers
    Excel: Building And Managing ChartsGet Quick And Powerful Results From Your Data In ExcelGoal Setting
    High Achievement Through Professional ExcellenceHow To Be A Better CommunicatorHow To Build A Strategic Plan With Solid Financial Targets
    How To Deliver Exceptional Customer ServiceHow To Give and Receive FeedbackHow To Lead More Productive Meetings
    Improve Productivity Through Better Time ManagementImprove Your Listening SkillsImproving Your Negotiation Skills
    Internet Security Tips For Industry And HomeLeadership vs. Management – Techniques To Get ResultsLeadership: Employee Engagement
    Managing Change: From Resistance to SuccessManaging PeopleManaging Supply Chain Risks and Revenue Recovery through Proper
    Millennials:Who They Are and How to Engage Them In The WorkplacProcess Improvement Is Not Just For ManufacturingPurchasing And Supply Management
    Sales Effectiveness: Process DisciplinesStress Management In The WorkplaceSuccess Strategies for Managers & Supervisors
    Team Building: Effective TeamworkTelecommuting: Best Practices and Avoiding Legal PitfallsThe 10 Most Widely-Used Functions In Excel
    The Multi-Generational Workplace: Challenges and SolutionsThe Ten Building Blocks of Effective CommunicationThriving Under Pressure: Emotional Self-Control
    Total Quality Control And Management - 101Understanding and Managing Inventory 101Understanding P&Ls for Non-Financial Personnel
    Understanding Supply Chain Management - 101Understanding The Federal Hazardous Waste RegulationsWhite Belt Training Module and Link to Exam
    Working Together 101: Preventing Departmental Silos“Lean Process” in the Workplace: What it is and how to get itProcess Problem Solving 101
    Lean Six Sigma "101" - An IntroductionDeveloping S.M.A.R.T. GoalsInterviewing Skills For Managers
    Project Management "101"Workplace Bullying - What You Need To Know