(Approximately 75 to 90 minutes)


Join us for an enriching session where we will examine individual, group and company goals from a variety of fresh perspectives. Experience goal setting as the potent and inspiring activity that it’s meant to be in your business and life. Intentions are nice and dreams are important. But goal setting is what transforms visions of the future into life changing reality. It galvanizes ideas and clarifies the target. Goal setting keeps departments aligned, projects on track and your team focused.

Learning Objectives

  • Use lessons from science, psychology and brain research to enhance goal setting and achievement
  • Use the practical B.E.S.T. method for goal setting
  • Learn how to create goals that stretch but do not break you
  • Sync up your short, mid-term and long term goals into a cohesive, motivating plan
  • Getting buy-in for team, department and company goals
  • Explore the “master mind” concept to turbo charge your goals

Who Will Benefit From This Webinar

  • All Managers and Supervisors
  • Team Leaders
  • Small Business Owners
  • Professionals Ready for a Boost in Productivity

Presenter – Jean Franzblau

Jean Franzblau is a seminar leader and training consultant with over fifteen years of experience delivering high impact, high-energy programs. She has presented internationally for technology, manufacturing, healthcare, nonprofit and many more industries. Her clients have included Wells Fargo, United States Marine Corps, Taco Bell and Stanford University.

Jean received her B.A. with cum laude honors at UCLA in Communications and Business Administration. She continues to hone her craft with the Association for Talent Development and has served on that organization’s Los Angeles board. Her specialties include leadership, communication and stress management.

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Goal Setting

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