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This webinar is designed to help you negotiate “win-win” agreements. This approach creates a negotiating environment that protects your professional (and personal) relationships by reaching mutually acceptable agreements. This collaborative negotiation strategy is used to negotiate deals, resolve disputes and make decisions, the outcomes are positive. Organizational and leadership results include higher performance levels, employee engagement, job satisfaction, joint problem-solving, reducing risk, stronger stakeholder relations and improved company reputation. 

What you will learn

  • Understand how collaborative negotiations foster longer term relationships.
  • Boost confidence by working towards the best possible solution. 
  • Maximize value including fairness through strategic collaboration.
  • Shift from using tactics to understanding the interests of each party.
  • Focus on meeting both parties’ needs by addressing issues not positions.
  • Cultivate safe and respectful communication through effective negotiations language. 
  • Build strong alliances and relations with stakeholders including employees, management, colleagues and customers.

Who should attend

  • Executives
  • Managers of at all levels
  • Business Owners
  • Sales Professionals
  • HR Professionals
  • Leaders and Organizational Stakeholders in any capacity

Presenter - Melanie Klinghoffer, JD, LLM

Melanie Klinghoffer has been developing and empowering leaders for over 20 years. As the founder of Powerful Transformations, a Human Potential Training Company, Melanie is a Speaker, Corporate Trainer and one-to-one Mentor. She has mentored and coached leaders from Fortune 25 companies to solo entrepreneurs. Having led through turbulent economic times as well as rapid growth she has gained an invaluable perspective on the challenges leaders and teams are facing today. In addition to teaching Organizational Development at the university level for 7 years, she is also a certified advanced facilitator, a court trained mediator and a formally educated lawyer. Her articles have been published internationally in the Toastmaster Magazine and nationally in the Legal Times (an ALM publication) and The Legal Intelligencer. Melanie is passionate about empowering leaders at all levels helping them confidently breakthrough internal and external barriers to achieve desired success.

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Develop Powerful Negotiation Skills

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